The Character Joe Biden’s Dementia, The Political Script, And The World Stage

This article might be a bit repetitive for most of my readers as you are undoubtedly familiar with the world stage and that everything is simply staged and scripted. Everything you see in media and around you at a higher level, as in politics and governance, is nothing more than an reality show for the large masses with the goal to both control everything that is going on while being able to do so in a ritualistic and satanic manner all by the numbers, as they have done all through history. It’s much more than simply pulling a few strings and making some key people do your bidding, it’s a reality show, a movie set with carefully selected actors that are part of their secret societies, people that have been conditioned for their roles since early childhood. I’ve explained this in deeper detail in my Mind Control series, as well as my articles on how the world is controlled and how they play both sides to instill total control.

And this takes us to the recent trending headlines about Joe Biden and all the half-baked and baby troofers out there who still can’t grasp this simple concept of the world stage.

For example, social media has been flooded by posts about Joe Biden and his failure at the staged and scripted debate with Trump, with posts about his dementia and health status, all perfectly inline with their script to put back Trump as president, as the Seventh King in their reenactment of the Book of Revelation, all while keeping the illusion that politics are real by engaging both sides in this theater. Republicans are having a blast, making fun of Biden and the Democrats while arguing that a country can’t be run by a sick and demented individual, all while the Democrats are desperately trying to make Joe retire to “keep his legacy” intact while finding a good substitute. It’s perfectly played.

Then we have comedians claiming to be “truthers,” such as the YouTube channel “Pockets of the Future,” who now brags about how he’s been saying that Biden has shown signs of dementia since the last 2020 campaign, and even before that. 

Well, mate. The ‘real’ Joe Biden was retired after Obama left the stage. The ‘Joe Biden’ we see now is only a character played by an hired actor wearing a bodysuit and a face mask and who is well-versed in the secret societies and the occult — likely a high ranking Freemason from the Hollywood and CIA mind-control program. That is why his face literally changed in every single aspect over only a few years. He’s a completely different person. Still, while struggling with speech, all his secret hand gestures and occult symbols are on point and perfectly timed, and so are all the keywords. Biden’s health issues are simply part of the script, as he is supposed to be an old man. It’s been the strategy from the start, a way to control the narrative and to make their ritualistic reenactions possible, all while putting on a great show for the masses.

What is important to grasp is the compartmentalization structure of the world order, as in role separation and task management. In the past, the elite families fought and infiltrated each other for absolute control. However, the largest families and those belonging to the Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order soon realized that it was better to come together as a “hive mind” over some agreeable agendas, as in total control and simply creating an prison-like illusion for the rest of the people to live in. What once was simply bribery and threats of harm was changed by mind-control programs and the idea of using scripted characters.

While the ‘elites’ and the Jesuit Order control the narrative, they use their minions within Freemasonry and other secret societies to do the work on the world stage. Every single top-politician, every single top-CEO/CE/MD, every single “star,” such as actors, musicians, and other celebrities are Freemasons or part of other lower-ranking secret societies. Those at the top have been groomed for their role and they get to be the faces on the world stage, they are the actors putting on a show deceiving the public. Some of them know how it works, while others only follow the instructions of their handlers and the script they get. 

However, on a lower level, there’s no need to inform people that it’s all staged, all scripted, all fake — they will simply believe in it and play along, taking and following orders. Of course, many of these at the mid-level and lower-level are handpicked because of their psychological profile of wanting to be needed and seen, for their materialistic view of the world and desire to climb the ladder of illusionary success. This also means that they can be groomed and if controlled correctly, they can become very passionate about what they do, making it seem so much more real to the public.

So, among local politicians, other low-level officials, and government personnel, most of them are oblivious to what is going on, just like all the low-ranking Freeemasons, who have no idea what they are really part of. Only those who show great initiative, drive, and are easy to control get inducted into real Freemasonry, where they swear to put the secret order before anything else, and then they get to be a part of the world stage.

And to continue on the script with Joe Biden, this weekend social media trended with stories about Biden having an ‘medical emergency’ on Air Force One. Something that was rebuked by official media who claimed that Biden exited the airplane just fine and in good health.

However, these stories are part of the script, to set up an exit for Joe Biden. When people share these, they simply reinforce the script of Biden’s poor health and they reinforce the illusion of politics being real — that the president is in power, when in reality he’s only an actor taking orders from the Jesuit Order. And that is why they let all these different stories go viral. They do not matter. What matters is the illusion, the idea of governments and presidents. And that idea is reinforced every time these puppets are mentioned, no matter if it’s good or bad, or what the context is. This is what baby troofers do not understand. There is no race between Biden and Trump, between Democrats and Republicans. They are the same. They are both controlled by the same people. The only difference is some of the minor reforms that might be implemented in some states and cities depending on who the elite put in power, as they have different approaches to reach the same hidden goal. However, the main agendas, the things that actually change how we live, will always be implemented no matter what seems to happen on the illusionary political stage, no matter who you believe is in charge. 

So, what will happen with their character Joe Biden? Well, they’re about to finally retire that character for good, as part of their script. How will they do it? As he’s portrayed as a head-strong fighter who does not want to acknowledge his “dementia” and step down, and to keep that illusion, they might simply say that he had to retire due to another health complication. 

And that is likely why they let the viral story about a “medical emergency” on Air Force One trend on X. No one will bat an eye if Joe Biden suddenly had, for example, a “congestive heart failure.”

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. = 243, 351, 108, 126, 117, 135, 1013, 1121, 2106, 1458
Congestive Heart Failure = 243, 351, 108, 126, 117, 135, 1013, 1121, 2106, 1458

But who knows? Sure thing is that he will be retired, and that soon.

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