Carnivore Diet Guide and Fat Loss Online Coaching

This is simply a little reminder of my coaching services. My current workload is below average and the waiting-time is very short. In other words, now is the perfect time to contact me and change your life forever.

Please keep in mind that these are not simple programs or a daily meal plan to follow, as you would get from other online coaches. These individualized programs are full-fledged educational guides, spanning more than 60 pages in total, packed with information.
I will teach you how to eat within your current lifestyle, how to progress, and how to tackle most ‘health problems’ and other ‘obstacles’ or ‘worries’ that might arise along the way. I will also teach you about food and preparation, as well as healthy habits and lifestyle changes that really make a difference. And all that is in one package. No recurring payments, no long-winded coaching for months on end. It’s a one-deal package with full support for at least four weeks or through your transition – more than enough to get you settled and on your way. And if you need additional help or coaching, my simple and cheap consulting services are available whenever you need them, ten times more affordable than any regular ‘coaching’ plan.

For more of what these guides contain and how the coaching works, please check my coaching page below, and spread the word to those who needs it.

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