I’m Back on Minds.com after a 4-year Hiatus

The Never Ending Story of Facebook Censorship…

Since I’m continuously shadow-banned on Fascistbook, I will mirror my content on Minds.com, which actually is a better platform. I will also post some older random content that is worth checking out – including old gems from my own archives as there are more than 1000 articles to pick from. If you use Minds, be sure to check my page and subscribe.

This also mean that I will most likely abandon MeWe, Wakeupfriends, and Wimkin, as these platforms never really took off and are dying. Minds is simply much better than all three of them, and unfortunately, Fascistbook is still king due to the sheer number of people using it and the number of ‘friends’ and followers I have on that platform.

And as I have stated previously, my own uncensored community Ungovernable.se is still the only place on the internet where share extra content, answer questions, and take part in daily discussions. The information we have, and are adding to daily is invaluable. The best place to be for the curious mind.

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