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This is mostly for new readers and followers.

As many of you know, I got several nano/Morgellons tumors in 2017 and my organs almost failed in early 2018. I did a last push of effort with trying the carnivore diet and doing strategic fasting — and I healed myself in record time. Unfortunately, one of the tumors at the end of the brainstem did some damage and symptoms is just like being totally burnt out, but worse. That’s why I started writing and sharing my knowledge again in 2020 with no holds barred – as rehabilitation and challenging myself to heal this injury. Back in 2019 I couldn’t even manage 45 minutes in one sitting a few times a week. In 2020 I got up to 2 hours a day. Now, as of late 2021, I can study and write for 3 to 5 hours every day. With that said, I still have trouble holding back, limiting myself. I often overdo it, and have to pay the price for several days – needing more time off, more sleep, and more meditation to catch back up.
This is also why I have held back on taking clients again, starting up my companies and also any kind of cooperation or collaboration. I want to be able to follow through on any business adventure, not go all in, burn out and be pretty much unreachable for days. For those who want to know more about what I’ve been through, there will be links at the end of this post.

Doing some research and writing short articles now come as easy as it ever did. Being a speed-reader and very visual, I can devour pages of information within minutes and take what is useable. Still, bigger projects need a lot more planning, structure, and especially inspiration and daily drive. That is why I have hinted on future books, but also held back a little. I’m not really there yet, but I’m working on it every day.
There will be a book on our natural animal-based species-appropriate diet, there will be a “carnivore” revised copy of my best-seller ‘The Body Transformation Guide’, and there will be a strategic guide to fasting for both health, healing and fat-loss.

As for my training at the gym, it’s simply my outlet and sanctuary. I don’t really have any physique or strength goals. I simply hit the weights because I love it. That is why my dogs are in the photo for this post. My physique has not changed in the last couple of months. Perhaps I’ll do a fasting-inspired diet further down the road to get really lean. Would be a fun stunt for a re-release of The Body Transformation Guide. But for now, I’m more focused on healing, and it’s a long and slow process.

I also want to thank everyone who have donated through ‘by me a coffee.’ I know most people don’t bother because it takes a minute of their time. So, if you enjoy my work, there will be other ways to support me. Like getting my old books and hopefully some new ones within a not-too-distant future.

And yeah, there is still 27 days remaining on my “Facebook Jail Time.” So, check in here often, check my timeline on Facebook as friends will post on my behalf, or follow me on:


And sure enough, Fascistbook tried to get me another 30 days today for “hate speech”, frikkin’ snowflakes reporting posts from their mom’s basement. Fortunately their review showed I was in the right even within their silly and totally shitty communist “community standards.”

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