The Big Covid Lie: Russia Starts Vaccinating Animals

The elites see most of us as “useless eaters” as “cattle”, yes, they look at us as animals. That is what the Covid Jab is for – depopulation, sterilization, thinning out the herd – the great culling!
So, this story is not only about the idiocy of hurting innocent animals for something that does not exist, it’s also about mocking us – their cattle. The stupid ones take the jab and even gives it to their pets. They must be laughing hard now, the satanic bastards.
Also, this is part of Agenda 2030, where they want to remove all pets. In their vision, you will not be allowed to own pets. So, be prepared for more brainwashing propaganda that animals and pets can get Covid and “spread it”. They will use that as an excuse to vaccinate animals (make them sick, shorten their life) or simply outright kill them.

From the BBC story:

“Julia Melano, adviser to the head of Rosselkhoznadzor, said clinics were seeing an increase in vaccination requests from “breeders, pet-owners who travel frequently and also citizens whose animals roam freely.”
…”Interest has been shown in the Carnivak-Cov \/acc1ne by the EU, Argentina, South Korea and Japan, the agency said.”

Julia Melano: 113, 41
Coronavirus Pandemic: 113
Jesuits: 113 (Jew Ord)

Carnivak-Cov jab: 41 (Septenary & Chaldean)
Pet: 41

Melano: 60, 24, 30
Roman Catholic: 60
Russia: 24
Corona: 30
Vaccine: 30

Why was Russia and their “Rosselkhoznadzor” chosen for this idiocy?
Rosselkhoznadzor: 226, 82, 80
Pet Vaccination: 226, 82
Coronavirus Disease: 82
Covid: 82
Julia: 82
Bavarian Illuminati: 80
Synagogue of Satan: 80

Why call it “Carnivak-Cov”? And of course, with CC, which is the Freemasonic Scottish Rite 33.
Carnivak-Cov: 119, 47, 70
Vatican: 119, 47, 70
Decade of Vaccines: 119 (What Bill Gates said…)
Coronavirus: 70

Three out of four for ‘Vatican’. The seat of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. No more comments needed.
And what about adding jab, as in the story?

Carnivak-Cov Jab: 132, 246, 51, 93
Catholic Church: 132, 246
Roman Catholic: 132
Vaccine: 132
Pope Francis: 51 (Chaldean)
Animal-Specific Jab: 51 (Chaldean)
Order of Illuminati: 93

Could a name for a Vaccine be more heavily coded than that? Clearly coded for the bogus animal vaccination and as a tribute to their masters, the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican.
And what about adding Vaccine?

Carnivak-Cov Vaccine: 176, 77, 112
Committee of 300: 176
Rosicrucian: 77
Secret Society: 77
The Brotherhood of Death: 112 (Skull & Bones Freemasons)

What if we call it a “shot” instead, as many do? Remember the countries allegedly interested in this joke of a vaccine?
Carnivak-Cov Shot: 89, 55, 56 (Chaldean)
Argentina: 89, 55
South Korea: 56

Carnivak-Cov Jab: 93
Japan: 93

Yet another heavily coded story fitting their narrative and escalating the madness and the fear. Do not get the jab and do not give it to your pet.

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