April 28, 2021. A short little life update – Weight Training

The last time I posted a little about my current life was on my birthday, 3 weeks ago. Nothing much changed, really. I’m still doing my own “mental work-load training/therapy” for healing the last bit of my brain injury (the small tumor I had in 2018, that was gone in 2019). Much of this “therapy” has been posting here on Facebook; exposing lies to help people to start questioning whatever is happening around them. With that said, I’m slowly getting back into writing on new books as well. Although, a lot of my time goes into reading and studying – something I’ve done daily since I was a teenager, but was totally unable to do when I was sick during 2017 and 2018, including my ‘brain’ recovery period until late 2020. But as I mentioned in my earlier post, my mind is sharper and faster now than ever before. It’s just the energy that is still lacking. I’m walking a thin line between doing enough to improve and doing a little too much and burn out.

As for my weight training, I’ve been fairly consistent and my performance and strength-ratio to body weight is really high and continues to improve, although at a much slower pace (as I’m almost back to my previous best muscle weight as in 2009 and 2016). In early April I did “burn out” just a little and my mental energy was really low for about two weeks (I’m still taking it a bit slower). Also, my food-intake suffered a little. I was actually down to 72 kg (158 lbs.) when I noticed this – although my performance in the gym was unchanged. I hadn’t had veal liver in a while, so I started a new batch of chopped liver in a glass jar (so it can ferment), and I had about 40 grams every morning, and I also focused on getting more protein – especially red meat. A few days later my weight was back to my normal 75 to 76 kg (167 lbs.) And I’ve kept this up, as well as I have stepped up my leg training, as my left leg (where there still is a shrinking tumor) feels better and is getting stronger. So, this morning I stepped on the scale again, and it showed 79.3 kg (174.5 lbs.) That’s slightly more than in November last year after I tried to gain weight for two months. And this time with no real effort at all. So, yes, this 47-year ol’ body is still responding. With that being said, I feel it’s soon time for a new prolonged 5 to 7 days fast – for the health benefits as well as shedding 2 to 3 kg of fat. If I do a few days of dry-fasting in between, I could probably burn off 4 kg of fat or so – and that would really kick autophagy and STEM-cell production.

Sorry about the bad photo. It’s from this morning while getting ready for the gym. The light erased all details. Yes, truly. I’m not that fat. But at least it shows that I haven’t slacked off.

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