October 21, 2020. FASTING – Day 3

My sleep was once again good, not as perfect as the day before (due to high energy and euphoria), but still scored 85. Also noticed that my resting heart rate dropped by 2 bpm during the first two days of fasting, and now by another 2 bpm this morning.
Morning weight at a record low 71.3 kg (157 lbs.). That’s a drop of 0.9 kg (2 lbs.) since yesterday morning, and a total of 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs.) since the start of the fast.

I’m also freezing a little bit more today. But I get fairly warm as soon as I move around a bit.
And the fat loss is now noticeable. More muscle fibers showing on the triceps brachii lateral head, the serratus anterior (below the pecs, attaching to the lats) are really visible and striated now, the tie-in between shoulder and the upper arm are tighter, and veins are starting to pop on my legs, especially the inner thigh and on the vastus medialis (the “teardrop” muscle). And the outside of the legs is showing some striations from the muscle fibers.

My legs has been a bit soft and lacking in size during my muscle re-gain phase, mostly because I can’t train them as hard as I like. Which is one of the reasons for this fast – to shrink the remaining tumor in my left leg. At its worst, it took up one third of my outer leg – that’s like missing one third of your leg muscle. Now it’s down to one fifth or slightly less.

Still no hunger. But my physical energy is down a little bit until I get moving and my body steps up the fat burning process. I noticed this during one of my walks. I felt sluggish the first 10 to 15 minutes and just wanted to walk really slow, but after that I was really energized and could walk at a really fast pace. It’s the same if I’ve been sitting down for an hour or so writing or reading. When I go to do something, I feel a bit tired the first minute, then I feel energized.

Mental clarity and mental energy is still really high. Although you get the occasional dip due to body repairs and detoxifying (which takes a lot of energy, and you can really feel it). But so far, it’s mostly been a smooth ride.

Today have been the most productive day thus far. I’ve mostly worked with client programs and I’m also developing new training routines (will be finished today or tomorrow). They will (unfortunately) only be available in Swedish during the first evaluation phase. If you’re interested in getting them very cheap to try them out, let me know. I’ll do a separate post about it later.

Photo is from this morning after 2.5 days of fasting. Although I’m a little bit smaller due to lower glycogen stores and less water inside the muscle cells, I pretty much look the same size, or even bigger, due to the rapid fat loss and thus better definition and more visible muscle bellies. It will be fun to start eating again and then hit the gym the days after.

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