August 25, 2020. Training and fasting update.

It’s been a week since I did my 3-day fast and I’m only up 2.5 kg. Funny thing is that I’m stronger, look bigger, and I’m a lot leaner. So, of the 4 kg I lost during my short fast, a lot of that was actually body fat. Being very fat adapted, that should not come as a surprise. Also, I haven’t really had an appetite and I haven’t force fed myself just yet (but I will, lol). In other words, my small weight gain is mostly from muscle glycogen and intracellular fluids.

As for strength, I did chest presses for 6 reps with 90 kg (200 lbs.) per arm yesterday (or 180 kg / 400 lbs. total), a 5 kg increase from two weeks ago. And shoulder presses are at 3 reps with 107.5 kg (323 lbs.) Not too bad at only 76.6 kg (169 lbs.) body weight.
In other words, I’m constantly getting better and eventually the scale will show it. Just need to make sure to get a little bit more ‘calories’ (as nutrients are covered by far, being on an animal-based diet.)

And yeah, I got my first cravings a few days after the fast. What? Cravings on carnivore? Impossible! Yes, but I have added in carbs! Carbohydrates are a very dirty fuel, releasing a lot of free radicals when metabolized. So, what is needed on a carbohydrate metabolism? Yes, a shitload of antioxidants to combat the free radicals. And what have I had cravings for? Yes, oranges and orange juice – as in vitamin C.
Although, you can only find complete bioavailable vitamin C in meat and organ meats, the amount is small and only adequate on an animal-based diet. Add in a lot of carbs, and you will run out. Now, the vitamin C in fruits like oranges is not complete vitamin C, it’s simply ascorbic acid. But your body can convert and use it as long as your nutritional status is good. So, yeah. I’ve added in an orange as part of my pre-workout regime – just after I take my slow carbs (palatinose).

Photo from today’s tanning session after my pull-dominant workout. Body weight at 76.6 kg (169 lbs.). Take that!

Addition – question about supplements on a fast:

No, a fast is a fast. Only water and some electrolytes/salts, i.e. a small amount of sodium, potassium and at times magnesium. It’s not really needed for a short 3-day fast, but I simply feel better with a good electrolyte balance and more fluids around and inside my cells. Hydration is important, and it all comes down to electrolytes.

Question about nutrition and always being in good shape/conditioning:

What food you choose is pretty much everything regarding health and physical conditioning. Although I’m older, it’s actually easier for me now to change the look of my body and to stay in shape, simply because I get all the essential nutrients that I need from being animal-based – and I have a better understanding of how to use fasting for both fat-loss and health, and how to manipulate macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs) depending on my goals.
My body is a lot healthier now than in the past when I followed some stupid bodybuilding diets or added plant foods to a ketogenic diet – or even worse, a followed a fucking ‘balanced’ diet.
Now it’s all about nutrient density and giving the body everything that it need.

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