August 2016 vs March 2018.
About 35 lbs difference.

In my last update I mentioned that I had just begun visiting the gym again, doing some easy rehab training. On average, I’ve managed to get about 3 training sessions a week. Each session lasting for about 40 to 50 minutes.
Although it seems to help me a little with “immediate energy” (I feel really good for a few hours post-exercise), it’s a bag of mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love the gym and I feel right at home the moment I step into the weight room. What bugs me a little is how my illness affects my central nervous system and motor skills.
It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to get any kind of “mind-muscle” connection where I actually feel the muscles working. At the start of a training session, it’s simply like I’m going trough motions without feeling anything at all (it’s almost like an out-of-body experience.) And for more complex multi-joint movements that I’ve been perfecting for more than 20 years – like power cleans, high-pulls, or even the deadlift – I feel awkward and off balance. I can’t get into the rhythm of the movement and there is no real explosiveness to speak of.
So, I mostly keep to cable exercises, some simple dumbbell exercises and two or three machines.

My recovery is also way off from where it used to be. I always train in the morning, I have a small meal when I get back home and then I have a powernap while listening to delta brain wave therapy for better recovery and relaxation. I do the same in the afternoon. This helps a little with my usual declining energy levels and brain fog. I also do some red and infrared light therapy (660nm to 850nm), especially on my face and eyes, which helps with my blurred vision and strained eyes in the afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, my red-light device is very small and a little bit on the weak side, so I have to prioritize the areas I wish to rejuvenate.

At least my abs are still there.

The positive news is that I’ve manage to stabilize my condition and, on some days, I feel a little better than I did two months ago. I’ve also reconnected with someone very dear to me, and we’re staying in close contact on a daily basis, which helps a lot with keeping up one’s spirit (especially after I had to relocate my wolfdog) and continue to find ways to heal myself – since the medical community has yet to do anything to help.
With that said, I still get wiped out after stressful and/or busy days – being abnormally tired and lethargic for days afterwards.

As for the second lump on my left leg, I still haven’t heard a word about surgery. I had the MRI in mid-December last year, which says a lot about the decline of the healthcare system in Sweden.
Fortunately, it hasn’t really grown, which is without a doubt thanks to my diet. Still, it’s clearly visible and I want it removed. Just have to wait I guess.

As for epigenetics (modifying genetic expression to improve your life and health.) My research continues. Since I still have trouble focusing, and my vision easily blur, it’s a slow progress since there are so many other things I want to pursue during the few hours I have energy. Still, it seems that I need to work with my COMT (fast), MAOA, and the GST/GPX genes.
I’m working on some protocols and I will start on them as soon as I’ve had a new visit to the doctor’s office – just in case they want to do something (that might screw everything up, haha.)
I will also document everything and share as much as I can here.

Until then, take care and have a wonderful day!