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Classic Muscle Newsletter - Independent and Uncensored Newsletter Classic Muscle Newsletter – Independent and Uncensored.

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Classic Muscle Newsletter is all about delivering specific facts and information, without annoying dumbed-down stories and attention-stealing advertisements. It’s a monthly uncensored and independent newsletter in digital form. Every month, we publish 5 to 6 information packed articles – equal to roughly 20 pages of printed text, covering subjects such as nutrition, weight training, fat loss, sports performance, research, health, longevity, and building the body of your dreams! While there is one issue every month, we publish new material about once every other week.

Classic Muscle Newsletter is my own monthly publication where I have free reins to tell the truth, backed by research and +25 years of experience actually working with real people and athletes (both totally naturals and some drug users). Hopefully Classic Muscle Newsletter will be your first choice for independent and uncensored quality information!

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*) Subscriptions run on a monthly basis. After the first month, normal subscription fees apply. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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