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Starting or Expanding Your Family, Part 1 of 2

How nutrition and toxins influence your child

“Since the introduction of processed food, junk food, and what we can consider the “modern diet”; most mothers cannot nourish themselves optimally before conception, and much less during a pregnancy. The art of cooking and putting nutritious food on the table has almost been lost to our current generation. Also, close-birth spacing which is common in several societies exaggerates the differences in health between siblings…”

The Foundation of Healthy Nutrition, Part 1 of 3

What we can learn from cultures around the world

“While carnivores have the ability to hunt and devour most of its prey and omnivores migrates depending on seasonal availability of plant-based food, only humans have learned to extract every last bit of nutritional content from anything that is edible in the world around us. This knowledge has been passed down from each generation since the dawn of time and improved upon out of trial and error. This is why traditional cooking in every culture holds some of the most fundamental secrets to good and proper nutrition…”

Straight from the desk #11

“Straight from the desk is an ongoing series where I put my thoughts, ideas or recent topics (discussed by clients or other coaches) into small nuggets of useful information. Each issue usually contains several topics (comparable to 1 or 2 full-length articles), covering anything from health, fat loss to weight training and sports performance…”

Cueing when coaching

Internal vs. external cues

“No matter if you’re an aspiring strength coach, personal trainer or a gym rat who love to help his/her friends on occasion – giving the right cues can make all the difference when teaching someone new movements and exercises…”

The Epidemic of Nearsightedness II

Carbohydrates and Insulin

“In Issue 24 of CMN, I wrote about the new epidemic of nearsightedness (myopia). We dismissed the belief that myopia is hereditary and looked at the most common reasons for distorted vision – the lack of natural sunshine and our recently developed habit of looking at screens and other stuff right in front of us. Our eyes need to be “exercised” by focusing on objects at various distances. One good practice is the 20-20-20 rule for reducing eye strain, which simply involve a 20 second break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away.
While spending a lot of time indoors and frequently using near-eye devices will dramatically increase your risk of developing nearsightedness, there is another cause for myopia – our modern diet…”

Collagen Protein as Pre-Workout?

Collagen and vitamin C before exercise for improved joint health?

“For anyone involved in strength training or sports where joint and tendon strength are crucial, nutritional strategies are an important step to prevent injuries, or to heal them as quickly and efficiently as possible, if they do occur.
In a recent study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a team of researcher looked at the possibility to increase collagen synthesis by supplementing gelatin/collagen (rich in proline and glycine) with vitamin C before engaging in exercise…”

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