It’s been a few rough weeks since my last update. During the last month, I came to the realization that – even with some occasional help – I was too sick to give my Czechoslovakian wolfdog everything he needed on a daily basis (attention, brain/mind exercise, etcetera.) As you know, I’m pretty much knocked-out in the afternoon and evenings. Brain fog, lethargy/tiredness, blurred vision, reduced sense of balance, and so on. So, I had to put my feelings aside and focus on what was best for Lovec. Fortunately, with some help from my wonderful friend Anna, we found a mutual acquaintance with a female Czechoslovakian wolfdog and two older huskies that simply adored Lovec and could take him in. He’s now with a new family at the outskirts of Luleå in northern Sweden with thousands of open acres to roam. I could simply not hope for a better place for him. Thank you, Anton and Svala, for bringing him into your family!
It’s been a wonderful 3 years and 9 months. I will miss you dearly wolfie – and as soon as I get better I’ll come and visit.

In the middle of this emotional rollercoaster, someone noticed a water leak in the basement of our apartment complex. After investigation, they concluded that a pipe had burst between my apartment and the apartment above me. So, I had to evacuate to a temporary apartment as they need to tear down my bathroom and one of the walls and floors – and since it’s an old house with asbestos, decontamination is needed and everything will take 4 to 6 weeks. I got help moving the most important stuff, but it was a couple of stress-filled days.

As for my condition/illness, nothing much has happened.
The investigation is ongoing. I have however, through nutritional experimentation, found a balance that works fairly well and I’m no longer getting progressively worse. It has stabilized somewhat.
I’ve also started to dive deeper into the field of epigenetics. I wrote a lot about this exciting field of study during 2016 and early 2017 in my newsletter. A lot of what I’ve been doing for years with my clients, such as nutrition/food choices, lower meal frequency, fasting, detoxification, elimination of pollutants, improved sleep, supplements and variations of the ketogenic diet, has now been backed up by the science of epigenetics. However, to heal and get better, I need to go deeper and learn more – a lot more.
Epigenetics – modifying genetic expression to improve your life and health – is a fairly new and cutting-edge aspect of medicine/natural healing. Most practitioners have no clue about epigenetics and dwelling into and translating genetic research is no easy task.

Left: the bloat after trying more protein (100+ g a day).
Right: after 3 days of low protein (60 g a day.)

Also, since I manage to stabilize my condition somewhat, and I still have some energy and mental clearness in the mornings and forenoons, I’ve decided to get back to the gym in the mornings and start an easy rehabilitation weight training program. Just enough to stop any further muscle loss and to hopefully stimulate some of my muscle memory. I’ve lost about 16 kg (36 lbs.) of muscle mass in the last year. My body weight has not been this low since when I was 18 years old and into long distance cycling and martial arts. So, I desperately need to gain some weight back and to rev-up my metabolism a little (as I wrote in a previous post, my thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH] have dropped from 3.6 to 1.5.)

As usual, I will take notes and document everything I do. And if it yields any positive results, I will share it here and on other media platforms. Hopefully it can help others in similar situations.

Until next time, take care and God bless you and your families!