The Body Transformation Challenge – Dogge and Rigo

Body Transformation Challenge Dogge RigoGymgrossisten, Sweden’s largest retailer of sport nutrition supplements and clothes, recently challenged the Swedish Hip-Hop duo Dogge and Rigo to a total three-month body transformation challenge. With help from Personal Trainers and some input from yours truly, Dogge and Rigo will learn about training, nutrition, and living a healthier life-style while transforming their bodies by burning as much fat as possible and gaining some muscle mass in the process. It’s a total Body Transformation Challenge, similar to the book The Body Transformation Guide I released in 2009 and the Talent Hunt Project my former colleague Fredrik Carlsson and yours truly ran during 2008 to 2011.

As the challenge kicked off last week, Gymgrossisten also published the first article from me in a series of many. In this series, you’ll learn everything you need to accomplish your own successful body transformation!
Make sure to follow Dogge and Rigo for inspiration, tips and useful information, and read my articles to get a deeper understanding of how the body works and how to work with it for optimal results.

*) The articles will be avilable in more languages as they get translated, please check back if interested.

Let there be gains!

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Online Coaching – platser tillgängliga

Joachim Bartolls Online Coaching – nya platser tillgängliga! Är du intresserad av experthjälp för att nå dina mål och sommarformen? Ansök då redan idag! All information om hur programmen fungerar finner du i länken nedan. Välkommen!

Joachim June 2008Joachims Online Coaching Sverige är öppet för alla som vill bygga muskler och/eller tappa kroppsfett, oavsett bakgrund och träningserfarenhet. Du kan även ansöka om du önskar tävla inom kroppskultur som exempelvis Bodybuilding och Body Fitness, eller om du behöver hjälp med kost och återhämtning för en specifik sport eller idrott.

Det finns för närvarande ett flertal lediga platser. Ansök idag för att garantera din chans att bli antagen!

Ansökan: Joachims Online Coaching Program

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The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 volume 1 is available!

Maximum Muscle Guide 2016, Volume 1

My latest book, The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 – volume 1, is now available! Volume 1 contains a fully detailed 12-week muscle gaining program with an additional 4-week preparation program for the uninitiated. The training programs are based on my field studies during 2011 and 2013 with more than 200 participants and on my work with clients since the release of the original Maximum Muscle Guide back in 2009.
The book (104 pages) also includes a chapter on the foundation of my training philosophy, the science, and pointers on nutrition. Also, all training methods are explained in detail.


If you prefer Payson over PayPal, the Swedish web shop is located here:

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Online Coaching Program

Joachim Bartoll, 2010.

Joachim Bartoll, 2010.

There are still a few spots up for grabs in my coaching program! When these are gone, the next chance to apply will be in April or May.
This program is open for anyone from anywhere in the world who’s interested in gaining muscle and/or losing body fat. You can also apply if you need help with your diet and/or training for a physique competition, such as Bodybuilding or Body Fitness, or if you need help with nutrition and recovery for your specific sport.

Read more and apply over at Classic Muscle Newsletter.

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