A quick review of my strategy


Me at the orthopedics office on April 9, 2018.
Me at the orthopedics office on April 9, 2018.

Let us begin with a summery of the last month. If you need to catch up, follow this link and then return to this page.

I did an MRI on my left leg on December 21, 2017, and in late March I finally got word from the orthopedics in Västerås. I had a meeting with one of their experts on April 9th and learned that the “tumor”, as imaged by the MRI in December, was a lot larger than we anticipated (7,5 cm (3”) wide at the top, 3 cm (1.2”) thick, 16 cm (6.3”) in length and 3 cm (1.2”) in width at the bottom). As of now, they’re still discussing what approach to take. With that being said, I’m going to ask for a new MRI to compare if there have been any changes in size, and then demand a surgery as soon as possible.
As the previous mass removed from my right leg, this one is many times larger and seem to consist of the same nano/Morgellon fibers and a lot of scar tissue. Simply put, you don’t want that in your leg.
Also, you can only feel a little bit of the upper part of the “tumor” on the outside of the leg as it has grown into the muscle. Only a few centimeters are visible to the eye. This means, that although the lump that you can feel on the outside of the leg hasn’t grown, there’s no telling if it has continued to grow inwards and/or downwards toward the knee. It might very well be larger now than it was when I had my last MRI in December of 2017.

As for my other symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, reduced vision, reduced motor skills, and so on – I’ve managed to stabilize my condition and halt the decline with light rehab training (weightlifting three times a week) and by going back to a ketogenic diet with only some minor amounts of high quality carbohydrates in the evening. Reconnecting with someone very important in my life has also helped as lot, as we tend to motivate each other.
I’ve also done some time-proven “detox” procedures (that I will describe in upcoming posts.)
So, during April, I have actually felt a little bit better than previous months, and because of that, I’ve had a little more energy to study and plan – which leads us to my current experiment to improve my health and hopefully start to heal.

If you’re new to this blog-series, here’s my first post from November 2017:

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Now, on to the experiment…


In simple steps, the plan looks like this:

  1. A ketogenic diet at about 2000 kcal a day, comprising of about 81 to 83 % fat, 14 to 15 % protein and less than 3 % net carbohydrates – to put me in deep ketosis. I started this on April 10.
  2. A 7-day fast to heal my body as much as possible and to rejuvenate/rebuild the immune system. The fast will be split into 3 stages. First stage is a water fast with electrolytes for 2 to 3 days. This will be followed by a 2-day dry fast (no contact with liquid at all), which will accelerate the healing process. And the third stage is a transition into a electrolyte fast again.
    I started this on April 15.
  3. To break the fast I will have an orange (only 20g of carbohydrates, which will not put me out of ketosis), followed an hour later by steamed mushy vegetables and some easy to digest salmon or mackerel. I will then transition into the previous ketogenic diet again for a few days.
  4. I will then repeat the fasting and expand the dry fasting.


I will write about each of these steps. How I plan my days, what I eat, other strategies I employ, how I feel, and my experience in whole.

If you’re new to fasting, I did my first real “long-term” 7-day water fast back in 2016. You can read about it here:

Since step one was a simple ketogenic diet, I will start with step 2 in my next blog post. If you’re interested in the ketogenic diet and want to know more about it, you can read my article series here:

You can also find my Quick Diet Experiment from 2016 where I went from 7.79 % subcutaneous body fat to 6.29 % in 14 days by utilizing fasting and the ketogenic diet.


The next post will be up during next week. Until then, take care!