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Important! I’m currently on long-term sick-leave due to cancer and severe complications.
Only contact me for future collaborations. Do not expect an immediate answer.

I will continue to write on The Body Transformation Guide II. More information will follow during November.

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Förhandsbeställ Body Transformation Guide II!

Body Transformation Guide II kommer att lära dig hur du sätter ihop ett kostprogram som passar dig och hur du skräddarsyr din kost och träning i takt med att din kropp förändras och du närmar dig ditt slutmål. Boken kommer innehålla färdiga kostprogramexempel som du utgår ifrån och all information du behöver för att få ut det mesta av dem – det kommer att bli en guide och lärobok i en och samma pärm.

Som alltid kommer kostprogrammen och informationen i boken att erbjuda många olika alternativ beroende på ditt nuvarande hälsotillstånd och livssituation – allt från ketogen diet till en mer kolhydratrik kost. Du kommer lära dig vad du bör välja och vilka upplägg som passar bäst beroende på hälsostatus och situation. Stor vikt kommer även att ligga på att minimera inflammation i kroppen, maximera hälsan, din mentala prestationsförmåga samt dina hormonnivåer.

The Body Transformation Guide II beräknas vara klar i december.
+300 sidor. Adobe PDF 300dpi.

Förhandsbeställ ditt exemplar till rabatterat pris här!

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May 2017 updates on Classic Muscle Newsletter

Classic Muscle Newsletter

Not yet a subscriber? Here’s an example of what was published on my Classic Muscle Newsletter during late April and early May of 2017.

Relevant Research

in the Field of Strength Training and Sports #22

* Recovery of the immune system after exercise. * High protein for Bodybuilders from looking at the IAAO technique. * High protein diets enhance muscle growth and fat loss. * Modified German Volume Training on Muscle Size and Strength.

Safety of long Anabolic Steroid use

And the life after lengthy use of steroids

Part 1: Introduction and the history of testosterone and Anabolic Steroids

“As a coach and student within the fields of sports, human physiology, and performance, I first came across “underground” articles about anabolic steroids in 1990. At that time, and in the years to follow, some of the top names were Dan Duchaine and Michael Zumpano (The Underground Steroid Handbook), Bill Phillips, and Jens Ingenohl. They laid the ground for other authors such as Bill Roberts, William Llewellyn, Patrick Arnold, Victor Conte, Anthony Roberts, Jose Antonio, Nelson Montana, and John Romano to mention a few…”

Safety of long Anabolic Steroid use

And the life after lengthy use of steroids

Part 2: Anabolic Steroids, the black market and long term effects of use

“As the first synthesized testosterone was used to treat depression and lack of libido in men, the early anabolic steroids had a lot of medical indications before they made way for more “effective” drugs. For example, one potent oral anabolic steroid, Anadrol or oxymetholone was primary used to treat a type of anemia associated with kidney disease…”

More on Nutritional Goodness: Eggs

Part 1: Eggs through the history of health & fitness
and a deep look at the nutrients and the science

“In late 2014, I wrote a small article called Red Meat, Salt, Eggs, and Other Goodness, exposing some of the lies about saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol. Last September, I also covered the smear campaigns and misinformation spread by the sugar industry and their hired researchers.
So, hopefully, it should be pretty clear that saturated fats and cholesterol are not the evil villains they once were drawn up to be…”

May 2017 update

A look into my life and what I’m up to.

“As I wrote in the March update, I got the results from the surgical removal of the cancerous growth after waiting for almost 11 weeks. After further conversations, it turned out that the experts who study it, can’t identify some of the strains of tissue…”

Human Growth Hormone

And the aging process

Part 1: Introduction

“…The primary attractions to GH usage are to either help build muscle and lose body fat, or to forestall the aging process and hopefully recapture some of the features of youth, such as thicker skin, less skin wrinkles, lower body fat levels, and more muscle mass. Bodybuilders are convinced that GH not only is a potent anabolic hormone, but also helps to dramatically lower body fat levels…”

Human Growth Hormone

And the aging process

Part 2: Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

“The use of Growth Hormone in bodybuilding is controversial. Contrary to what is often written on the Internet, there is little or no scientific evidence to show that GH, when provided solely alone, without any other anabolic hormones such as testosterone or anabolic steroids, helps to build added muscle or strength…”

More bad news for Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

You hearing me now?

“I know, I know. I’ve bashed Vegan and Vegetarian diets on several accounts – including the lack of quality protein and several important minerals and vitamins. And guess what, I’m about to do it again – as new research shine some light on common problems with hearing loss. Yep, that’s right. Got bad hearing? It could be your diet…”

Human Growth Hormone

And the aging process

Part 3: Growth Hormone and Aging

“…This is not to say that there is no human evidence about the longevity effects or lack of longevity effects associated with GH and IGF-1. Most animals that show a natural resistance to IGF-1 at the receptor level do tend to live longer. Humans who live to over age 100 show a selective resistance to IGF-1, in that they still produce IGF-1, but some parts of their bodies show resistance to it…”

Human Growth Hormone

And the aging process

Part 4: Life span and GH activity

“So… Why do animals with a low GH activity seem to live a lot longer than other animals? Most of the evidence points to lower production of oxygen metabolic byproducts called free radicals. Free radicals are unpaired electrons (electrons usually come in pairs) that seek to attach themselves to other electrons, which causes cellular havoc…”

Human Growth Hormone

And the aging process

Part 5: More on Bodybuilding and Drawing a Conclusion

“Following exercise, IGF-1 is heavily involved in the muscle repair and hypertrophy process. This is mainly from promoting the activity of satellite cells – muscle stem cells that play an integral role in muscle repair and growth. As noted earlier, GH also appears to protect and aid in the maintenance of connective tissue. For this reason, a lack of GH will show up in the skin as premature aging due to a breakdown of the supporting connective tissue in skin…”




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January 2017 updates on Classic Muscle Newsletter

Not yet a subscriber? Here’s an example of what was published on my Classic Muscle Newsletter during January and early February of 2017.

Starting or Expanding Your Family, Part 1 of 2

How nutrition and toxins influence your child

“Since the introduction of processed food, junk food, and what we can consider the “modern diet”; most mothers cannot nourish themselves optimally before conception, and much less during a pregnancy. The art of cooking and putting nutritious food on the table has almost been lost to our current generation. Also, close-birth spacing which is common in several societies exaggerates the differences in health between siblings…”

The Foundation of Healthy Nutrition, Part 1 of 3

What we can learn from cultures around the world

“While carnivores have the ability to hunt and devour most of its prey and omnivores migrates depending on seasonal availability of plant-based food, only humans have learned to extract every last bit of nutritional content from anything that is edible in the world around us. This knowledge has been passed down from each generation since the dawn of time and improved upon out of trial and error. This is why traditional cooking in every culture holds some of the most fundamental secrets to good and proper nutrition…”

Straight from the desk #11

“Straight from the desk is an ongoing series where I put my thoughts, ideas or recent topics (discussed by clients or other coaches) into small nuggets of useful information. Each issue usually contains several topics (comparable to 1 or 2 full-length articles), covering anything from health, fat loss to weight training and sports performance…”

Cueing when coaching

Internal vs. external cues

“No matter if you’re an aspiring strength coach, personal trainer or a gym rat who love to help his/her friends on occasion – giving the right cues can make all the difference when teaching someone new movements and exercises…”

The Epidemic of Nearsightedness II

Carbohydrates and Insulin

“In Issue 24 of CMN, I wrote about the new epidemic of nearsightedness (myopia). We dismissed the belief that myopia is hereditary and looked at the most common reasons for distorted vision – the lack of natural sunshine and our recently developed habit of looking at screens and other stuff right in front of us. Our eyes need to be “exercised” by focusing on objects at various distances. One good practice is the 20-20-20 rule for reducing eye strain, which simply involve a 20 second break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away.
While spending a lot of time indoors and frequently using near-eye devices will dramatically increase your risk of developing nearsightedness, there is another cause for myopia – our modern diet…”

Collagen Protein as Pre-Workout?

Collagen and vitamin C before exercise for improved joint health?

“For anyone involved in strength training or sports where joint and tendon strength are crucial, nutritional strategies are an important step to prevent injuries, or to heal them as quickly and efficiently as possible, if they do occur.
In a recent study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a team of researcher looked at the possibility to increase collagen synthesis by supplementing gelatin/collagen (rich in proline and glycine) with vitamin C before engaging in exercise…”

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Classic Muscle Newsletter

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New Book and Christmas Specials!

Classic Muscle Newsletter Volume 1

34 % off until December 25!

New book released!

Classic Muscle Newsletter Volume 1 contains the 42 most popular articles from Joachim Bartoll’s independent an uncensored online publication Classic Muscle Newsletter, hand-picked from the time period of 2015 to late 2016. This collection of 180 pages cover a wide selection of subjects including Fat Loss and Body Composition, Diet and Nutrition, Food and Sports Supplements, Health and Longevity, and Resistance Training.

We also have a Christmas Special with up to 34 % off retail price! This is an excellent opportunity to expand you tool box and/or give a good friend the perfect Christmas gift!


Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!


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