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The Powerhouse of Cells

Revving up the mitochondria to maximize health, energy levels, prolong your life span, and fight cancer

Written by Joachim Bartoll, November/December, 2015
Free Article Published at Classic Muscle Newsletter, February 2016 (issue #17)


Mitochondria are tiny double membrane organelles that produce ATP (the energy currency of the cell), through respiration, and to regulate cellular metabolism. Red blood cells and skin cells have very little to none, while germ cells have 100,000, but most cells have one to 2,000 mitochondria in them. They’re the primary source of energy production for your body.
Since mitochondrial function is at the very heart of everything that occurs in your body, optimizing mitochondrial function is extremely important for health and disease prevention.
For example, one of the universal characteristics of cancer cells is they have serious mitochondrial dysfunction with radically decreased numbers of functional mitochondria. While the mitochondria can still function in cancer cells, cancer cells become dependent on glucose instead of ATP (the Warburg effect) and the mitochondria is shut down

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Athletes and Vitamin D deficiency

And the synergy of vitamin D3 and K2

Written by: Joachim Bartoll, September, 2015
Free Article Published at Classic Muscle Newsletter, Oct 2015


In 2012 I wrote an article about Vitamin D and its many benefits, especially when it comes to healing. At the same time I developed a vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 combined supplement for a Swedish company. I came up with this formula because a high intake of the active vitamin D3 will increase the concentration of calcium in your blood stream. This happens because your body will up-regulate the synthesis and repair of bones, ligaments and joints. Excessive calcium can lead to arterial calcification, but vitamin K2 reduces this buildup by increasing absorption where is needed. In other words, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 work synergistically with each other to heal the body.

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Online Coaching and Personal Trainers

Part 1: What you need to know and what to look for

Written by Joachim Bartoll
Free Article at Classic Muscle Newsletter, Agust/September 2015 (issue #12/13 – Summer Edition)


The Swedish Nationals and the newly started Tyngre Classic competition are approaching and I’ve once again been flooded by requests from athletes struggling with their competition diet and the lack of results. They all have one thing in common – they’re getting help from some “famous” Facebook– or Instagram Trainer.

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