About Joachim Bartoll

Trainer, Nutritionist, Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach, Body Transformation Specialist, Writer and Author.

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Joachim Bartoll is one of Sweden’s most experienced and renowned fitness-, nutrition- and health experts. He wrote for Bigboys back in 1995 and started Ironmag L.L.C. in 1996 – the first Internet-magazine about building muscle and losing body fat. He was the Editor-in-Chief for the Swedish Ironman Magazine and Exhale All Sports Magazine. He started Kolozzeum in 2001 (Sweden’s largest discussion forum) and Body Magazine’s Forum in 2005. He was one of the founders and trainers of the famous Talent Hunt Project (Talangjakten) during 2008 to 2011. He’s developed more than 10 best-selling supplements and he’s been coaching athletes since the mid 90’s. He has released 7 books and written more than 500 articles for various magazines during the last 25 years. This is his story.

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The Early Years

Joachim Bartoll is one of Sweden’s most experienced and renowned fitness, nutrition and health experts. This is his story.

Rapid Fire

Work: Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach, Body Transformation Specialist, Writer and Author. Owner/CEO of JBC since 2006 and Classic Muscle Newsletter 2014 to 2017.
Lives in: Arboga, Sweden (formerly Gothenburg)
Pets: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lovec Quaggy II Od Úhoště.
Music: Anything but commercial crap. Favorite genres include Futurepop, Industrial, Synthwave, Electro House, Electronic Rock, Drumstep, Psychedelic Trance and nu-metal. And of course my brother Mathias.
Hobbies: Dogs (psychology/behavior), studying/reading, nature, music, world “politics”/truthing – uncovering the matrix ;), gaming (PC and XBOX One).
Sports: No longer participate, but like non-political MMA, Gymnastics, and Olympic Weightlifting.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lovec Quaggy II Od Úhoště. April 2015.

Quick chronological biography

1985: The year I got interested in bodybuilding. Started training Judo.
1986: I was probably the only 12-year old in Sweden subscribing to both Flex Magazine and Muscle Mag International. Also started to build my own little home gym.
1988: Quit Judo. Started to study nutrition and strength training pretty much daily after school. I’ve continued this habit and still set aside 1 to 2 hours a day for reading.
1989: Began helping class mates and school athletes with their training and nutrition – writing training programs and diets for both “bulking” and dropping weight (ice-hockey, soccer and wrestling.)
1990: Started long distance cycling 5 to 6 days a week. Used my nutrition and training knowledge and lost 53 lbs of body fat in just above four months.
1992: Helped to start up Arboga Karate Club, where I trained twice a week for about two years.
1994: Worked on a computer game with Triton. Did some Shaolin Temple Boxing. Also tried some Ju Jutsu. Opened my first homepage, coded by hand in HTML 1.0.
1995: Started writing for BigBoys, a strength training community on the internet. Was offered a job as lead designer at Funcom in Oslo but decided to continue my education instead.
1996: BigBoys closed down. I started Iron Magazine L.L.C (Ironmag). Started helping competing clients in bodybuilding with training and dieting. Did it for free, just so I could gain the experience.
1998: Moved to Stockholm. Got to know the people at B&K Sports Magazine (Body Magazine). Started helping them with various stuff. Started to work with some Strongman competitors. Took a simple Personal Training course.
1999: Got into the supplement business and developed Complete Protein for Fairing. Helped with start-up of the underground forum Powerboard. Started B&K Sports Magazine Forum. Took a deep tissue massage course.
2000: Got back into Martial Arts again, mostly sparring.
2001: Started as the Editor-in-Chief for the Swedish Edition of Ironman Magazine. Wrote about “bracketing” in Ironman and how to consume protein and carbs before, during and after a workout for a better anabolic effect. This later on became a staple of my workout nutrition principles. Took another advanced deep tissue massage course.
2002: Ironman was cancelled. I started working with Nutrition Outlet and The Talent Hunt Project.
2003: Started as the Editor-in-Chief for Exhale All Sports Magazine. Helped with the Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness Nationals and thousands of other things.
2004: Took a break and later on moved to Eskilstuna to work solely as a Coach and Trainer with all kinds of people and athletes for about two years.
2006: Started my own company. Moved to Västerås and started to write for several magazines. Started a cooperation with Fredrik Carlsson and his competition team. Also developed the first 4:1:1 BCAA powder in Sweden – only available for our clients and for experimentation.
2007: Started working on a amino acid pulse protocol based on the studies of Julien Bohé (2001) and Paddon-Jones (2005).
2008: Did a competition diet as an experiment. Used the amino acid pulsing protocol and workout nutrition strategies that ended up in my second book, The Maximum Muscle Guide. Started up The Talent Hunt Project again together with Fredrik Carlsson.
2009: Released two books: The Body Transformation Guide and The Maximum Muscle Guide.
2010: Continued writing articles, working with clients and The Talent Hunt Project.
2011: Did my last run with The Talent Hunt Project. Started working with MM Sports.
2012: Worked with two competition teams, developed a couple of supplements and was a part of the team developing MM Sports’ web shop.
2013: Wrote new descriptions for all categories in the web shop as well as product texts for more than 150 supplements. Wrote about 15 articles on health and nutrition. Reduced my clientele to about 5 to 7 people a year due to time restraints.
2014: Ended my employment at MM Sports and offered my services as a consultant instead. Built and opened the newsletter and member site Classic Muscle Newsletter – and added about 150 of my articles dating back from 1996 to 2014 to the archives. Got my wolfdog Lovec.
2015: Released two new books, Träningsnutrition and The Anabolic Pulse Protocol. Transformed Classic Muscle Newsletter to an International Newsletter and member site. Started writing for Gymgrossisten. Started working on several new books in English for the International market.
2016: Released the long-awaited book The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 – Volume 1. Released Classic Muscle Newsletter Volume 1, two popular training guides and started writing for Gymgrossisten. Also moved from Gothenburg to Arboga.
2017: Got infected by nano/Morgellons and developed a couple of tumors. The thyroid gland, the liver and the kidneys got severely affected.
2018: Managed to reverse most ill-effects of the nano/Morgellon tumors by electrolyte fasting and dry fasting, and adopting an animal-based carnivore diet.
2019: All blood-work is now perfect. Tumor shrinking. Only suffering from slowly healing damage to brainstem which causes abnormal tiredness. Slowly starting to work again.

Joachim Bartoll, August 24, 2016. 42,5 years old. Joachim Bartoll, August 24, 2016. 42,5 years old.

At the age of five, Joachim developed severe asthma and allergies. With 13 pneumonias and 11 ear infections in just one ear, he barely managed to escape death on several occasions during the age of 5 to 9 years old. At the age of 11, most of the allergies vanished as he hit puberty, but the effort- and infection induced asthma remained. As his health improved a little bit, he got involved in Judo and played some soccer, but his immune system was still damaged from the overuse of antibiotics and other medicines. It was his early health problems and his newly found interest in bodybuilding that led him to weight lifting and to study nutrition back in 1987 at the young age of 13.
In 1989 he began helping class mates and school athletes with their training and nutrition – writing training programs and diets for both “bulking” and dropping weight. In early 1990, when he turned 16, he used his knowledge and dropped from a chubby 185 lbs to a fit and lean 132 lbs in only four months. During previous years, Joachim usually got sick once or twice a month. After his weight loss and new nutritional strategies, his health improved tremendously and only the winter months proved troublesome.
In 1990, Joachim also got into cycling, which combined with strength training contributed to his weight loss. In 1992 he started doing Karate twice a week.

In 1995 when the Internet really took off in Sweden, Joachim started his own website and published his first articles on training and nutrition. After a successful start, he began writing for John Monteiro’s Bigboys, which was the biggest bodybuilding community on the Internet at that time. In late 1996 Bigboys closed down and Joachim launched Ironmag L.L.C; the first Internet-magazine of its kind. At the launch, his former Canadian colleagues from Bigboys, Eric Hesse and Christian Thibaudeau, joined the team. During the following years Ironmag was without a doubt the biggest training and nutrition web magazine on the Internet with more than 15 active writers worldwide and hundreds of guest writers. Ironmag stayed on top until early 2002 when other projects took priority and the website was closed down.


The late 90’s and early 2000

In early 1998, Joachim moved to Stockholm to work as a field technician and project manager for Siemens and in 1999 he was recruited to the Swedish National Labor Board as a project manager and developer. During this time he also took a couple of Personal Trainer and Weight Lifting Instructional courses.
During the time with Ironmag and the move to Stockholm, Joachim became good friends with the staff of Sweden’s leading bodybuilding magazine B&K Sports Magazine (now known as Body Magazine). He launched their first discussion forum together with Magnus Branzén in 1999 and also helped with the re-launch in 2005, where he stayed on a couple of years as an expert writer.
He also became friends with Lars Fairing of Fairing Nutrition and helped him develop Complete Protein, of the most advanced protein powders on the market back in the late 90’s.

Joachim Editor in Chief for Ironman 2001 June 2001, Editor-in-Chief for Ironman Sweden and doing some promotional fun stuff for our gym.

In early 2001, Joachim was offered the position as Editor-in-Chief for the Swedish edition of Ironman Magazine. During this time he worked with Henrik Eiselt and developed Kolozzeum; one of the largest discussion boards in Scandinavia today. Unfortunately, the Swedish edition of Ironman magazine was cancelled in mid-2002 due to low advertising revenues, as most advertisers was sign-up with Body Magazine.
During the time with Ironman Magazine, the online magazine Ironmag was closed down due to lack of time and also because Christian had been offered a contract with T-mag and Eric had started working for Iovate (owner of Muscletech).
In 1999 and 2001, Joachim took advanced courses in deep tissue massage (myofascial release) and have since helped several of his clients to increase range of movement, muscle seperation, and flexibility (to improve posing on stage).

A month after Ironman was cancelled, Joachim started to work with Roger Skoglund of Nutrition Outlet and they launched the Talent Hunt Project, where Nutrition Outlet helped and sponsored 8 athletes during 6 months in preparation for their first contest. Well-known Swedish bodybuilder Fredrik Carlsson helped as extra coach. As Nutrition Outlet moved their headquarters to Västerås, Joachim accepted the position as Editor-in-Chief for their newly started Exhale All Sports Magazine, where he stayed until December 2003. During that time, Joachim wrote three to four articles for each issue, he did the layout of the magazine and delivered it to the printing office.
He was also involved in the construction of two gyms and helped with arranging a health exhibition known as The Exhale Athletic Fitness Weekend and the Swedish National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships as it moved from Stockholm to Västerås. During 2003 to 2009, Joachim did voluntary work for the Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SKKF) as he helped with their website, competition coverage and photography.

During 2004 to 2006, Joachim worked full-time as a trainer and coach in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Instead on working with one client at a time in the gym, he trained 3 to 4 people simultaneously. This was simply more efficient and the clients could also motivate each other. He only worked one-on-one with competing athletes. That work led him to start his own business in 2006.


The mid-2000 and forward

Joachim-Bartoll_2008-04-04_290 April 2008, close to competition condition.

In early 2006, Joachim moved to Västerås where he started his own company and a cooperation with his old friend Fredrik Carlsson and his company reFORM. At this time Joachim worked as a trainer, coach and freelance writer for several magazines. He also wrote on a monthly basis for Body Magazine during 2006 to 2010. He also wrote articles and was part of the expert panel for Stadium during 2007 to 2011. Stadium is Scandinavia’s largest sporting goods retail chain with more than 150 stores in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany.
During 2006 Joachim and Fredrik developed the first 4:1:1 BCAA powder in Sweden (four parts leucine to one part iso-leucine and valine). This lead to Joachim’s work with pre-workout nutrition and the first version of The Anabolic Pulse Protocol (stimulating the protein synthesis with “pulses” of amino acids throughout the day – based on the studies of Julien Bohé (2001) and Paddon-Jones (2005)). This protocol, as well as the workout nutrition strategies was included in his second book, The Maximum Muscle Guide (released in early summer of 2009).

From 2006 to 2011, Joachim helped out with Team reFORM, one of Sweden’s largest fitness teams for competing athletes in bodybuilding and fitness. It was during this time that Joachim and his business partner Fredrik Carlsson decided to start-up The Talent Hunt Project (Talangjakten) once again.
It was an immediate success with more than 3000 applicants during 2008 to 2011. Each year, 8 to 12 people was picked and each person was fully sponsored during 6 months leading up to their first physique competition. Joachim and Fredrik helped the aspiring competitors with training routines, nutrition/diet and supplement plans, body fat testing, competition color and everything else they needed to get up on stage. A supplement company helped with sponsored clothing, nutritional and sports supplements.

In late 2007 Joachim started a competition diet to see how far he could take himself. It was also an experiment to fine tune his amino acid pulses and workout nutrition protocols (which he simultaneously tested out with several clients). The data from this experiment combined with all the experience with helping hundreds of clients in bodybuilding led to his first book, The Body Transformation Guide, released in April 2009. As for his dieting experiment, Joachim reached a body fat percentage of 3.2 % measured by the 9-point Parrillo skin fold formula. Pictures from the transformation was used in his books.
His second book, The Maximum Muscle Guide, was written during the development of TBTG and was released in June 2009.

In 2011, Joachim left the Talent Hunt Project and Team reFORM and started working closely with Sweden’s second largest supplement and clothing company MM Sports. Together with Tim Nygren, Joachim started a new competition team and also co-managed the two largest teams for physique athletes and MMA practitioners in Sweden during 2011 to 2013. During Joachim’s time at MM Sports he developed several supplements, worked closely with the web shop and the marketing team and was in charge for all information concerning the supplement brands Body Science and Jacked. He also wrote all informational texts for these supplements (more than 150). Unfortunately, Joachim was promised time to work on new books and similar projects, but that never happened. So in late 2014, Joachim left MM Sports to start up his newsletter and membership website Classic Muscle Newsletter and to focus on new books and other projects.

In May of 2014 Joachim travelled to the Czech Republic and picked up a little Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy from the Od Úhoště kennel. Joachim has worked with a lot of dogs as a hobby since his early years and have helped in rehabilitation and temporary housing for dogs waiting for a new home. This time around he felt it was time to raise his own dog. His wolfdog Lovec quickly became popular on the Internet and is featured on a separate blog and on his YouTube channel.

In January of 2015, Joachim released his third book titled “Träningsnutrition”, which translates to Workout Nutrition. The book covered all the strategies he had developed since the beginning of his experiments in early 2006. A month later, the book “The Anabolic Pulse Protocol” was released. This book was a follow-up on the pulsing protocol from his second book, which was released in 2009. The Anabolic Pulse Protocol covered all aspects of pulsing with amino acids or fast acting proteins during the day and/or between meals for maximizing anabolism.

In mid-2015, Classic Muscle Newsletter was transformed into an International publication and membership site, featuring only the English language. In late 2015 Joachim was contacted by Gymgrossisten and he accepted to write as a freelancer for their magazine and several websites. Gymgrossisten is Sweden’s largest supplement and clothing company.

In February of 2016, Joachim released the very much awaited book The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 – Volume 1. In April he released two of his most successful training programs as easy to follow guides. The first one aimed at beginners and the second one for intermediates. These guides teach you how to lift with acceleration and becoming explosive. The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 – Volume 2 is scheduled for September of 2016.
In mid-2016, Joachim began some new experiments with fasting and the ketogenic diet to lower inflammation, accelerate the body´s repair system (autophagy), and to improve health markers – while re-gaining some muscle mass and shedding a little body fat. Everything was documented at Classic Muscle Newsletter. Teasers are available at his business website, www.bartoll.se.
In late 2016 the first compilation of more than 40 popular articles from Classic Muscle Newsletter was released as Volume 1.

In late 2016 Joachim was diagnosed with two tumors, one in each leg. The first tumor was removed in January of 2017. The illness progressed in late 2017, leaving him very sick. Please read these posts for more information.

In April of 2018, Joachim uncovered more information about long term fasting (with electrolytes) and dry fasting (no contact with water). After three dry-fasting experiments, most of his tumor-related problems had gone away and healed up. See the previous link for more information. He also switched to an animal-based/carnivore diet as he previously uncovered the truth about plant foods and their extreme toxicity and lack of nutrients.

April 2019, 45 years old and healing.

As of 2019, all previously damaged organs are healed, the blood-work is perfect, and he’s re-gained a few pounds of muscle mass. There is however some damage on the brainstem causing fatigue and burnout-like symptoms – only allowing a few hours of energy each day. This however, is steadily improving. As of November 1, 2019, Joachim is slowly restarting his businesses again and is available for coaching and collaborations. 
You can follow Joachim’s progress at the Fasting Lifestyle – Animal Based Community Forum and at his Facebook support Group – Fasting Lifestyle.